Best Air Impact Wrench Review – Our Top 3

Welcome to my Best Air Impact Wrench Review!

So you’ve decided that having an air impact wrench is just what you need to switch out those tough to loosen bolts, but you’re unsure what impact wrench you should buy.

Don’t worry I totally understand your frustration and confusion. That’s why I decided to put together this collection of miniature reviews that will help you decide what the best one is for your needs.

First off I want to say you’re making an awesome decision to purchase an impact wrench, in my opinion they are a must have tool for anyone that does their own car maintenance or has to deal with lug nuts on a regular basis.

As you probably already know having an impact wrench isn’t technically a necessity as you could use a standard lug wrench, but where’s the fun in that right? … and in all seriousness it makes a tough job a lot easier as it completes the same job a standard lug wrench can do, but in a fraction of the time.

Below I’ve created a table of contents for your convenience so you can navigate your way around what I consider to be the top rated air impact wrenches that you can buy.

This list was created with you the buyer in mind. While there were multiple factors that when into making this list. The #1 thing I looked for was that the product tended to hold up over time, and performed all the jobs required of it.

Also just so you know all of the Air Impact Wrenches on this list have a drive size of a 1/2 inch, as this is the most commonly used size.

1) Aircat Impact Wrench – Model: Aircat 1000-TH

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You’re probably surprised to see the AirCat brand sitting at the top of my ranking, but let me explain. Simply put it gets the job done whether you’re loosening or tightening bolts, rotating tires, etc.

What sets this apart from other competitors is that AirCat uses a patented quieting technology that makes this impact wrench one of the quietest you can buy on the market.

Now I would normally think this would impact the amount of power this were to output, but it doesn’t. It is very powerful as it has a max reverse torque of 1,000 feet per pound, has a variable working torque of 200-800 ft-lbs, and has a speed of 8,000 RPMS.

The ergonomically designed handle is great at reducing fatigue after continued use, and is easily switch between reverse and forward function using a flip lever.

This impact wrench is actually ideal no matter if you’re a mechanic by trade, or a do it yourself auto mechanic for your own vehicles.

Due to it’s budget friend price while still performing up to the standards that more expensive brands charge… this would be the air impact wrench I would purchase for regular use.

2) Ingersoll-Rand Air Impact Wrench – Model: Ingersoll-Rand 232TGSL

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Ingersoll-Rand is a very reputable and trusted brand when it comes to air tools in the market, so there’s no guess as to why it’s one of my top Air Impact Wrenches for 2019.

The top feature that sets this impact wrench apart from it’s competitors is that it has a speed of 10,000 RPMS, and has an adjustable power regulator.

This tool will also give you PLENTY of power as it has 625 feet per pound reverse torque, and it has a forward torque of 550 feet per pound.

What to know what’s even better though? It’s that while the quality is top of the line and is built for heavy duty use, the price is only mid-range meaning you won’t be spending an arm and a leg for a professional grade tool. PLUS it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance like other impact wrenches.

While some people have complained it’s a little on the heavy side, it’s honestly really just an average weight considering it weighs in at around 6lbs so it’s not overly heavy in my opinion.

A common problem that I’ve heard with this air impact is that it’s so powerful that it’s very easy to end up stripping the bolt. My recommendation is to just really pay attention to what you’re doing… I know that’s not mind blowing but just a small tip I suggest.

Something that I think you’ll find pretty cool as well, but isn’t necessarily important is that this air impact wrench is as close as you can get to the speed that a Nascar tire changing crew uses. While this is VERY cool it also is VERY loud and so I’d recommend having some type of ear protection.

The Ingersoll-Rand 232TGSL Air Impact Wrench comes highly recommended by other technicians/mechanics because of it’s power, comfortable grip, and adjustable torque settings. So you can rest assured that this tool will perform up to the task you require it to do whether it be in a shop or your home garage.

It will help you complete even the toughest of jobs in a fraction of the time, and is an excellent investment if you need power and speed!

Next Up…

3) Dewalt Air Impact Wrench – Model: Dewalt DWMT70773L

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I have a lot of Dewalt tools in my garage, and they’ve always been quality products, and even though this is the air impact that I have in my garage it sits at #3 because it’s not quite as fast as the Ingersoll-Rand.

Still I can’t complain as it still has 7,500 RPMS, and also includes 650 feet per pound of torque which is powerful enough to remove even the tightest fasteners, lug nuts, etc.

You’ll be able to quickly be able to switch between forward and reverse using the directional switch, and it also includes an adjustable power regulator.

While I haven’t noticed it specifically with my impact wrench, one complaint that I’d read about and thought you should know is that while the direction switch is very handy, it’s also in the way as some people end up accidentally switching the direction which can be an inconvenience.

Once again it weighs 6lbs so while I don’t consider it overly heavy, it shouldn’t be considered light either.

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the Dewalt DWMT70773L, and it works great without having a massive air compressor (as long as it has 90psi you should be good). Many mechanics actually use this model, and even after continuous use it still works very well.

Ok so while that completed my review of the BEST air impact wrenches available in my opinion maybe you’re looking for something a little cheaper. So…

Best Cheap Air Impact Wrench

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If you’re budget conscientous and don’t plan on needing an air impact wrench that can handle HEAVY use. The Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV will probably be exactly what you’re looking for.

While the quality doesn’t live up to some of the top brands it still provides a level of reliability for when you need to… for example rotate your vehicles tires.

It has plenty of power as it has a twin hammer mechanism that allows you to get 550 ft-lbs of torque, enough to loosen and remove tight lugs and bolts.

You should know though that there are some people that say using a 6 gallon air tank doesn’t provide quite enough air flow, and that for peak performance you should probably have an 8 gallon tank. At minimum I suggest checking what kind of torque is required for your vehicle so you aren’t left with an underpowered impact wrench due to not having enough air pressure.

This impact wrench is a little bit on the lighter side when it comes to it’s weight as it only weighs in at 4.4 pounds so it’s super easy to handle. Add in a soft comfort grip that reduces fatigue and this impact wrench is very easy to handle.

If you’re planning on heavy use, or are a mechanic this is actually NOT meant to be used heavily or for commercial use, it’s strictly meant to be a budget friendly tool for those people that do occasional DIY projects and general automotive maintenance.

I picked this as my best cheap air impact wrench because it is a reliable tool that would be able to help me with general automotive maintence, and if that’s all you’re needing it for I’d highly suggest trying this out.

As a bonus in case you need a larger driver size…

Best 1 Inch Air Impact Wrench – Ingersoll Rand 295A

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While the 1/2 inch air impacts are a standard tool found in a mechanics shop. There are occasions where you might need a little larger size.

My research led me once again to the Ingersoll Rand brand. The 295A model features a drive size of 1 inch, a top mounted dead handle, and a power regulator that has 3 positions that gives you great leverage.

It’s a very powerful tool as it delivers a maximum torque of 1,450 ft-lbs, and has a speed of 5,000 RPM. Before buying so you aren’t surprised you should know that it is a VERY heavy tool as it weighs 22lbs… I’m just telling you this so you’re prepared when you get it.

This air impact is great for use out on the farm, or for mechanics that work on heavy duty trucks that require something a little more powerful than the standard car would.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found my best air impact wrench review informative and insightful when it comes to make your purchase. As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for reading.

Josh Harms

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